Wisdom of crowds

Trendio is based on the principle of "Wisdom of the masses", which applies to determine the real importance of each news, based on the amount of comments, interactions and interest that each obtains in social networks, and acceleration with the what happen.


Trendio applies different filtering techniques based on its news grouping algorithm that breaks down each piece of news into keywords and sentences and discovers the mentions of the topic on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, and not just the number of times it was linked, to discover the true importance that society gives to each topic.

Your local news

Trendio focuses on different territories, and helps to discover what is most relevant in each region, country, province and city, allowing to know in detail the public opinion in each of these places, and to find out what really matters in each environment.

In a world saturated with news, it is easy to be distracted from what really matters.

To be well informed is to know what the world is talking about.

How does it work

Trendio shows the most important news in the country where the user resides, in order of importance according to the impact, acceleration and trend of opinion that maintains in social networks.


Each news item is segmented according to the category to which it belongs, such as national, international news, sports, politics, etc., so it is possible to visualize the information that is trending in each segment.


The app is updated permanently, so the order of the news varies in real-time according to the acceleration, importance and trend that these are acquiring due to the comments and social networks activity.


The news are analyzed and extracted from the main online news media channel, and are accompanied by its headline, short summary and a photograph as well as a complex tendency chart.

The magic behind Trendio

Trendio has a powerful engine of Artificial Intelligence through which it applies different techniques of content filtering based on algorithms of news grouping which dismembers each one of the news in words and key sentences, discovering the mentions on the different subjects that are happening in the different Social networks like Facebook and Twitter, not only analyzing the number of times it was linked, to discover the true importance that society gives to each theme.

Mobile First

Trendio was thought and conceived mainly as a platform to be viewed from mobile devices. That is why we have developed an Algorithm of thematic summary that after analyzing the different news of the topic it develops a summary which present in a version ideal for mobile navigation.

Trendio analyzes newspapers and media around the world, focusing on discovering what is most relevant in each region, country, province and city, allowing it to know in full detail the publics opinion in each of these territories, and finding out what really matters in each place.


Trendio learns permanently the interests, preferences and tastes of each of its readers and, based on this progressive knowledge, suggests and recommends each reader the most relevant news for him, notifying him when any relevant news arises.

My Trendio learns based on three pillars: the interests and tastes of the user, the contents shared by the user’s friends and the people who he follows in the social networks, and the suggestions of users with similar tastes and preferences, all based in the principle of the “wisdom of crowds”.

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